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From Robert Leland <>
Subject Re: Building and running the struts unit tests
Date Thu, 01 May 2003 14:40:59 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:
> * The tests will not compile with jdk 1.3. Some of the taglib tests use
>   String.replaceAll(), which is new in 1.4.  It would be a good idea to
>   test with jdk 1.3.  I will make local mods to these tests to make
>   them downward compatible so that I can run the tests using 1.3
>   Should I post patches?  
Definately, file a Buzilla Bug report.

You'll likely to get different opinions on this...
I would say for this take one example and
show the equalivent change that need to happen.

> * The tests fail when using Cactus 1.4.  Fortunately, I remembered
>   seeing a thread about this and did not waste much time trying to get

Yes it used commons  logging, and our tests don't.

>   passed in to ant on the command line.  A little note in
> indicating this would make things easier for
>   people trying to get set up to run the Cactus tests.
+1, yes here a patch would be good.

> I would like to help with the tests.  Are there specific areas that
> need work?  I notice a few "FIXME's" in TestRequestUtils and 
> TestDynaActionForm (plus some deprecation warnings).  Should I start 
> there or are there other things that would be more useful?

Yes, patches here would be good.

> I also seem to rememeber a request some time ago to run under tc 3.  I 
> could set up an environment to do this if this is still useful.

The tests run under 3.3.X but not 3.2. The thought is that there
were a number of Class Loader bugs in 3.2. So no.

> Phil
Thanks !


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