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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: Best way to build struts from CVS?
Date Thu, 01 May 2003 13:13:10 GMT
Thanks,Ted and others who responded.  I really appreciate the guidance.

Ted Husted wrote:
> I think c2 would be b, since the idea is that Struts developers are 
> often Commons developers too and would have the Commons CVS checked out 
> and built. So the "ideal Struts developer" would have a current build of 
> the Commons stuff and would run the Struts build against that.
I am working on this, since part of my reason for digging in to the 
source is to do some profiling and performance analysis.

> If you don't need the Commons code checked-out, a good approach is to 
> use a "repository" system.
> * Download whatever dependent JARs you need to a common directory.
> * Edit the build properties file to use that directory.

Essentially what I am doing now, only using the jars from the struts 
nightly dist.
> The current Commons JARs can be downloaded directly from < 
> > so you don't need to grab the whole 
> gorilla if you only want the banana. =:0)
> (The Gump JARs ink is down right now. I'll check on that.)

That would be nice.

> There are project management systems (like Maven) that can snag the JARs 
> for you as part of the build process. When we get past 1.1., I think we 
> will be looking at some likely candidates for this (Maven, Forrest, 
> Centipede).
> I used the repository approach for some time, though now I'm moving back 
> to b. It's quite helpful to have all the source on hand if you are 
> stepping through the code in a debugger.
> -Ted.
> Phil Steitz wrote:
>> Which is correct:
>> a) Grab commons jars from most recent struts nightly
>> b) Build commons jars from commons CVS
>> c) Grab commons jars from most recent commons nightlies
>> c) The "right way" that I have not yet stumbled on....
>> What exactly does the struts nightly build do?  Dates inside commons 
>> jars seem to vary.
>> seems to expect b) or c).  Does anyone have 
>> bash  or ant scripts that automate the commons prep?
>> Phil
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