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From "Mete Kural" <>
Subject ActionPortlet front-end controller
Date Fri, 09 May 2003 10:19:30 GMT
Hello all, 

Is there interest among the Struts committers in developing a Struts ActionPortlet (or something
to that effect) in order to make it easier and more standard to build Struts-based Portlets
compliant to the emerging JSR-168 Portlet API. I think Struts would be a good candidate for
a web framework in a "portlet" environment as well as it has been in a servlet environment.
To enable the making of Struts-based portlets, a class that implements the Portlet interface
that acts as the initial entry point of all requests is necessary. The Portlet interface simply
extends the Servlet interface and adds portlet-specific functionality (as far as I know, but
we wont't fully know until the draft is public). So perhaps developing a class called ActionPortlet
that extends ActionServlet could be a possible way to standardize the way Struts-based portlets
are to be developed. What do you think? 


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