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From "Martin Cooper" <>
Subject Re: <logic:forward> and <logic:redirect>
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 23:12:37 GMT
A few comments:

1) All of the tags in the logic taglib relate to flow control. There are two
sets - conditionals and 'goto's - but they are all flow control. I find it
strange to want to claim that some flow control tags break the MVC model
while others don't.

2) If we removed these tags, we wouldn't be enforcing anything. People who
use them today would just switch to using <jsp:forward> and <c:redirect>,
but would lose the convenience of using logical names, as with other Struts
tags, and have to hard code them instead.

3) Many people, including myself, have been using these tags since the
earliest days of Struts. (They were created in September 2000.) To my
knowledge, this is the first time that anyone has suggested that they break
the MVC model. If other people really believed that, I would have expected
it to come up before now.

4) Just for fun: I find it interesting that David is so impassioned about
cleaning up the logic taglib when he's usually the first person to suggest
that people forget that taglib and use JSTL instead. ;-) ;-)

Martin Cooper

"David Graham" <> wrote in message
> IMHO, the <logic:forward> and <logic:redirect> tags implement a business
> logic function in the view layer rather than in an Action.  The rest of
> tags in the logic taglib provide view layer functionality.  I think we
> should deprecate <logic:forward> and <logic:redirect> to enforce a cleaner
> MVC implementation.
> Thoughts?
> David
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