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From Anand Joshi <>
Subject question regarding tiles:insert tag
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2003 22:10:25 GMT

I am using tiles:insert tag inside logic:iterate tag with struts 1.1rc1
release. It renders output incorrectly only in following scenario.
<logic:iterate id="aname" name="list" type="java.lang.String">
  <TABLE valign="top">
  <tiles:insert name="<%=aname%>" flush="false"/>
It outputs contents of tiles:insert uri before flushing previous content (
<TABLE valign="top">). It works fine if there is nothing between
<logic:iterate> and <tiles:insert> tags.In above case, I am rendering
<TABLE valign="top">  in between 2 tags.
I found this issue manifesting itself with Tomcat 4.1.12 engine.
InsertTag code uses request.getRequestDispatcher( uri ).include(request,
response) which bypasses JSPWriter and flushes output. If I use
pageContext.include(uri) then it works fine, This code is in doEndTag()
method of I feel that any logic tag should not use
RequestDispatcher.include and instead use pageContext.include. I have seen
similar things reported in mailing list but could not find exact answer, so
sorry about it if this issue has been already fixed.

Please give comments.

Thanks  in advance.

Anand Joshi
Websphere Development Team
Ph: 919-254-4331 (Tie 444-4331)

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