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From "Dario Geier" <>
Subject RE: Action.Execute method signature
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:09:47 GMT
Wow, you are right!!! 

I didn't think about that.

Thank you!!!

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From: David Graham []
Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2003 5:19 PM
Subject: Re: Action.Execute method signature

In your action subclass remove "throws Exception" from the signature and you 
will see the exceptions your code throws.  You can narrow the exception 
specification while subclassing but not widen it.


>From: "Dario Geier" <>
>Reply-To: "Struts Developers List" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Action.Execute method signature
>Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:25:10 +0200
>I noticed that the Execute method in the Action class throws 
>java.lang.Exception. I understand that this is done for supporting the 
>Declarative Exception Handling feature.
>Now, I am having a problem identifying all the possible exceptions that can 
>be thrown while processing the action, as the compiler won't tell me about 
>Is there any way to overcome this?
>How do you recommend to work after the perform (deprecated) method will 
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