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From "David Morris" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Beta 1.3 pulls tag values from wrong bean
Date Sat, 04 Jan 2003 07:26:08 GMT
I located the source of the problem, which is caused 
by a change to the nested tags. The code causing the error is this block
found in the NestedPropertyHelper.getNestedNameProperty method.

The name property for any tag that extends
is initialized to a constant value of 
Constants.BEAN_KEY. That means the test for 
null is never met so the innermost nested 
tag's (which is the nested:text tag in this case) 
name is used in some cases. 

Removing this code should fix my case, but 
I suspect that there was a reason for this 
change, which was made shortly after beta 2 
was released. Here is a patch that is less 
drastic than the removal. This patch makes 
the minimal change, but there are still cases 
in the existing code where errors are not 
dealt with that should probably be fixed.

The bugzilla page says to send a patch rather 
to the developer list so here is one.

David Morris

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