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From "David Morris" <>
Subject Beta 1.3 pulls tag values from wrong bean
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 16:22:56 GMT
Yesterday I installed beta 1.3 on three development systems running
Struts and 
ran into a few problems. They were all working OK with beta 1.2. I will
enter bug 
reports in Bugzilla, but I want to narrow this down as much as possible

The first issue seems to be with the way plugins initialize. With 1.2
the plugin I 
was calling using fine, now with 1.3 I get an error. That is happening
with the 
struts menu on Source Forge. I am using version 1.1 Beta 2 of the menu
so I will try updating to the final 1.1 before calling this a bug.

The next error was with the bean utils populate. With the struts beta 3
I get a null pointer exception in some code that I wrote. Reverting to
1.4.1 fixed that problem. To revert, I rebuilt struts and my code using
1.4.1 of 

After getting this site working with no struts menu and beanutils
1.4.1, I found 
that in some cases, the nested text tag is pulling bean values from the
place. I have a form bean with a collection that contains detail line
values. I 
also have a business rules bean with a collection of current detail
line values. My 
jsp page pulls values from the business rules bean detail line
collection using 
nested tags. When the form is submitted, the form bean detail line
is updated. The problem is that when the form is being built, it is
pulling values 
from the form bean rather than the business rules bean. This corrects
when I go to another form and return.

Any suggestions on how I can help you understand these issues? It is
easy for me to build struts and step through the code I have in debug
to see 
what is happening. I am thinking that this could all be related to the
problem and my use of 1.4.1 rather than the beta3 tagged version.


David Morris

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