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From (David M. Karr)
Subject Re: Proposed: logic:else clause
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 22:52:09 GMT
>>>>> "V" == V Cekvenich <> writes:

    V> The onlye thing that most html-el tags need to be modified to support indexed
    V> property in JSTL, so we can do multi row updates.

    V> But that is post 1.1 I am sure.

    V> .V

What do you mean, Vic?  I'm using the same EL engine that the JSTL uses.  What
exactly do you think is missing?

    V> Hal Deadman wrote:
    >> I think the faster everyone moves from "logic" tags to JSTL the happier
    >> everyone will be. The JSTL choose tag already supports if/elseif/else. The
    >> expression language in JSTL makes logic easy that would be nasty with the
    >> various logic tags.
    >> <c:choose>

    >> <c:when test="${ eq 'baz'}">
    >> ...
    >> </c:when>
    >> <c:otherwise>
    >> ...
    >> </c:otherwise>
    >> </c:choose>

David M. Karr          ; Java/J2EE/XML/Unix/C++   ; SCJP; SCWCD

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