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From "Greg Murray" <>
Subject Use of DynaActionFormClass
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 04:16:09 GMT

Currently I'm working on an Struts application that has a tree control for navigation on the
left side of the page, and the rest of the page is taken up by the actual body content - no
frames are used for the layout, just CSS, so it is actually one single page.  My plan was
to have a JavaScript function run each time the user clicked on a link in the tree which would
set the values of an HTML form (lets call it navigationForm), then submit the form.  One of
the fields of the HTML form would contain the Struts action mapping (lets call the field actionMapping)
which was to be invoked for the tree link.  All tree links would use the same form, and all
pages would contain this form.  The action that is invoked by this form submission (call it
navigationAction) would be responsible for looking up actionMapping, and forwarding on the
request to the action denoted by actionMapping.  I should also note that I'm using dynamic
form beans.

My problem is that many of the actions to which I want to forward are expecting their own
form bean, not the one that was submitted for navigationForm.  As far as I can tell, I have
two options:

1.  Have all forms in my application use the same form bean, so I can just pass it around
without having to worry about different actions using different form beans.  The problem here
is that for some fields, I may want to do validation sometimes, but not all the time, but
using the same form bean for all actions would require that if validation is set for a field,
then it's always validated.  Also, for some reason, this solution just doesn't "feel" right
to me.
2.  Create a DynaActionForm in navigationAction for the form related to the action to which
I want to forward, and fill it with any matching properties from navigationForm.  The problem
here is that I'd need to instantiate the new DynaActionForm using the DynaActionFormClass,
which the documentation expressly says is really only an internal class, implying that it
might change without warning.

So, my questions to the list are:
1.  Is solution #2 workable, and is it kosher to base my implementation on the use of DynaActionFormClass?
2.  Is there a better way to get around this form problem that I'm just not seeing?

Sorry for the wordiness, but that was as concise as I could explain the problem.

Thanks very much for any insight anyone can offer.

Greg Murray

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