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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Declare Struts 1.1b3 as Struts 1.1 RC1
Date Sun, 19 Jan 2003 21:32:29 GMT
Be that as it may, there is not a strict technical requirement that any 
of the Struts taglibs be bundled in the core JAR or that the releases 
coincide with the release of the Action and Config packages.

Is the struts-el taglib now actually broken because html:link gained a 
missing property? Or does it simply fail to meet one of our expectations 
for the taglib?

I am of the opinion that all the taglibs should be packaged separately. 
In this way, that fixes and enhancements that do not affect the core 
Action and Config packages could be released more easily. The 
conventional taglibs have stayed put so far since they arguably do no 
harm and provide a convenience to a great many users.

But we now have the situation where you would be obligated to vote 
against a release because changes to one package where not reflected in 
another package, which at this time lives in the contrib folder. I 
submit this that this is the type of coupling that MVC was invented to 
defeat, and that we not taking our own advice =:0)

Craig plans on releasing the Struts-JSF tablib separately, why can't we 
do the same with Struts-EL?


David M. Karr wrote:
> I guess my only problem with this argument is that Struts-EL releases have to
> be closely tied to Struts releases.  It doesn't just "use" Struts, like other
> contributions, it's interface has to exactly mirror the Struts interface.
> Except for some occasional minor bugs I've found in Struts-EL, the only real
> changes I've had to make were to reflect changes to tag attributes in the base
> library.  Once Struts 1.1 is released with Struts-EL, I'm not sure I'd want to
> make any more releases of Struts-EL, until the next Struts release (unless I
> find any non-interface problems).  If I made a Struts-EL release reflecting
> changes to the Struts nightly build (after 1.1), then we'd have the situation
> of a Struts-EL release which had to be used with a nightly build of Struts, and
> not the latest release.

Ted Husted,
Struts in Action <>

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