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From Jerome Ernsberger <Jerome.Ernsber...@AdNovum.CH>
Subject Re: Struts and JMX
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2003 08:13:47 GMT wrote:

> >>>>> "Jerome" == Jerome Ernsberger <Jerome.Ernsberger@AdNovum.CH>
>     Jerome> Hallo,
>     Jerome> do you think it make sense to use struts and JMX ????

I think that only the developer of struts can give me a good answer.

> You'd be better off asking questions like this on the "struts-user" list.
> The answer depends on what you mean by that.  I assume you ask whether they
> should be used together.  From one point of view, they don't have anything to
> do with each other.  From another POV, they could easily be part of the same
> "sub-application".
> It's entirely conceivable to consider building a Struts-based application which
> interfaces with MBeans to control server characteristics.  I believe that's
> exactly what the Tomcat Manager application is doing.
> I guess it's also possible you might want to write MBeans which control aspects
> of your Struts-based application, and present interfaces to those MBeans,
> either as another web application, or through other interfaces (command-line,
> etcetera).

I want to write MBeans to control struts. I already have written MBeans for a
MVC-based application. So I really want to
write MBeans for Struts. My company will use it in the future and I have to look,
if it make sense. So perhaps a can read the
struts-config.xml file and start an MBean with the MLet Service. Weblogic and
Tomcat do the same thing, I think.
I don't want to change the original struts code!!!


Sorry for by bad english

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