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From "paul.t.smith" <>
Subject 2.0 Proposal example config files
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2003 06:12:16 GMT
I didnt include any example configuration files in my previous post and I thought they might
help. These are from the working prototype.

I also didnt mention the error handling which Ive added recently. The error handling is very
powerful and allows the developer to use an "action" made up of re-usable steps to handle
errors. The error handlers can be declared at the global level or at the pageflow or even
action level and can be "overridden" by handlers at lower scopes. I also forgot to mention
that anything at a lower scope "overrides" things at a higher scope. So if an action is declared
at the struts-config level it can be used anywhere in the app, however if you also declare
an action with the same name at the pageflow level that one will be used in the declaring

Paul T Smith

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