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From "David Morris" <>
Subject Re: Struts Tools
Date Mon, 23 Dec 2002 19:18:52 GMT
I came upon this message while looking for Eclipse 
IDE information. To make Struts easier to use in Eclipse, I 
import the jar version followed by the java source and re-export 
them into a bin/source jar. This corrects line feed issues and 
makes it easy to step from my code to struts code in the 
debugger. I do this for Struts and Tomcat as well as some of 
the commons components. It takes about 20 minutes or so 
for each jar file but makes it easy to find problems related 
to things like naming errors. I end up doing this for every 
new major release of Struts or Tomcat.

It would be nice if there was a repository of pre-build jars 
that a person could download with source included. I don't 
know how easy it would be to build these as part of your 
build process because of the line feed issues but I know that 
other Windows eclipse uses who I have shared these jar files 
seemed to appreciate the effort.

David Morris

>>> 11/20/02 06:10PM >>>
11/20/2002 2:46:08 PM, "Craig R. McClanahan" <> 
>I think it is time to start packaging tools and generators with
>Struts to help the developer -- either as standalone packages 
>included for convenience, or integrated into the architecture of 
>the package.  

As it stands, there is already a very healthy "add-in" marketplace 
for Struts. I think this is one reason why Struts has become so 
popular, and anything we do should be with an eye toward expanding 
the universe of Struts extensions.

Personally, I am vastly impressed by the community support for 
Eclipse plug-ins. I wold very much like to help create the same 
sort of environment for Struts. I am also vastly impressed by the 
way some Maven-based packages (like Jelly) are able to 
automatically download whatever JARs they need. 

What I would like to work toward is an environment where there is 
a distinct Struts core, accompanied by a number of easy-to-install 
standard options (Tiles, Validator, Struts-EL, Console, and so 

Of course, any third-party options would be just as easy to 
install as the "standards" maintained by the Struts Committers. An 
important idea would be that when we provide standard options, we 
are also demonstrating how others can plug-in their own options 


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