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From "David Graham" <>
Subject Re: Taglib URI's
Date Sun, 15 Dec 2002 19:40:40 GMT
You're right, this is for struts-user :-).  Look in the tld files for the 
uri to use.  This is also documented in the users guide.


>From: "Matt Raible" <>
>Reply-To: "Struts Developers List" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Taglib URI's
>Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 09:14:23 -0700
>This is probably a question for the struts-user list, but I'm scared to
>subscribe to that inbox filler-upper ;)
>It has come to my attention that JSTL has standardized upon the
>following syntax for importing tag libraries:
><%@ taglib uri=" " prefix="c" %>
>Where there is no entry in web.xml and the classloader will pick up the
>.tld file from the taglib's jar file.
>Here's the e-mail I found out about this from:
>The reason that this is important in JSTL (although
>you don't have to do it this way) is that in the
>future servlet containers will no doubt supply their
>own optimized JSTL implementations. The JSTL spec
>states that unless the full URI is used in the taglib
>declaration, the optimized library cannot be used
>Is this possible with Struts tags - do they have a similar http-based

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