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From Brian Moseley <>
Subject Re: modifying the mapping input path during validation
Date Wed, 25 Dec 2002 03:14:42 GMT
Ted Husted wrote:
 > My first suggestion would be try not to think in terms of request
 > parameters and try to think in terms of ActionForm properties.
 > Generally, all the request parameters should be represented as
 > ActionForm properties. Struts will then take care of automatically
 > populating the properties.
 > My second suggestion would be to try and put gory details like id=
 > 104 behind ActionForward. Instead creating an ActionForward by
 > appending the parameter, you can call the forward by name. I don't
 > know what 104 does, but you could have the equivalent of
 > <forward name="home104" path:/"/>
 > Where home104 is a descriptive name rather than an arbitrary
 > identifier.
 > My third suggestion would be to use an ActionMapping for the input
 > property rather than a presentation page. Ideally, all pages
 > should be behind ActionMapping handlers. If you need to apply some
 > post-validation logic or seed any properties (!parameters) on the
 > ActionForm, you can do that here.

several fine suggestions; thanks very much for the feedback. my struts
work is much more sophisticated now that i've started asking questions
of the experts :)

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