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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: modifying the mapping input path during validation
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 20:58:23 GMT
I'm getting more than I bargained for here with the whole tiles aspect, 
so I might be done helping now that the complexity has gone up, but just 
a bit more here....

Brian Moseley wrote:
>       <action path="/admin/role/EditFormPrepare"
> type="net.covalent.spider.ui.action.portlet.admin.role.EditFormPrepareAction">
>       </action>

You need name="..." for this action mapping.  That should solve the 
issue, it seems.

> all of these forwards execute in the context of the same 
> RequestProcessor tho, right? so presumably the EditForm instance gets 
> passed all the way down the forward chain through the tiles controller 
> invocation mechanism to EditFormPrepareAction?

Yes, but only if you tell your action mapping the form bean associated 
with it, and from what you showed above, you don't.

> is this an instance of "evil action chaining"? if so, what actually is 
> the evil?

It was a joke.  I dig action chaining.  Others do not.  See previous 
thread a few days ago.

> yeah, there's no "cleaner" way that i can think of. my team is 
> especially wary of using the session scope for managing page flow, so 
> rewriting the forward path in the action is the least offensive hack :)

Or keeping the form bean around and using it.  And I agree with the 
session scope page flow comment - its not necessary in my experience.


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