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From Robert Leland <>
Subject Re: Avoid code reformating !
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 23:21:29 GMT
David Graham wrote:
> With all due respect Cedric, that code did not follow the java standard 
> coding guidelines so it was a candidate for reformatting.  Under the 
> Jakarta rules code must meet those guidelines unless specified 
> differently for the project.  AFAIK Struts has no specific rules so it 
> defaults to the java standard.
> Following the java standard helps all developers work on the project 
> faster and easier.
> Dave

Dave/Martin/Cedric what I have seen is reformatting above and beyond the

2 Points:


    Which is pretty sparse.
    Changes I have seen, and I am referring to not
    only struts but, in other projects :
    1) aligning function parameters one per line,
    2) method ()' - space before the method calls, against Sun's style.
    3) Renaming a variable name that actually is less clear.

The above changes I see as gratitious, and serve no purpose.
Further they make tracking bugs introduced by applied patches
hard to track down.
We are not using Maven yet, and I welcome a standard style.
But I am --against-- reformatting code during 1.1, just for fun !
After we cut 1.1 final we can reformat every single line of code,
and I would be fine with that, just not now. I and other comitters are
under great pressure from our paying jobs, but still want to contribute
fixes to the code base. Having to untangle/decode that is reformatted
just adds to stress and hard feelings right now.


Again seperate from a beta/code freeze I would like for us to agree
to avoid reformatting code just for no reason !


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