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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Tying Up Loose Ends
Date Mon, 23 Dec 2002 19:58:57 GMT
Given a little time to work on Struts (finally), I'd like to tackle the
top two bugs (based on severity) in our remaining list:

* 14669 -- reset() in DynaActionForm acts the same as in ActionForm

* 14800 -- Fix initialization bug and size parameter to form-property

What I propose to do for 14669 is based on the patch proposed by Peter
Pilgrim, but with the "loaded" property renamed to "cleared" -- for
consistency with the method name clear() -- and the "cleared" property
stuff being protected instead of public.  For general users of action
forms, I don't see why the cleared state would be relevant, although it
might to advanced DynaActionForm subclasses.  The clear() methods will, as
proposed, be public so that application logic can call them as needed.

For 14800, I think we do need the "size" attribute to pre-initialize
arrays to a fixed size when the "initial" attribute is not present.  I'm
less persuaded by the "potential security hole" argument related to
copying the initial values for an array) because the only values that are
shared are the constants that were parsed from the XML configuration in
the first place.  For the vast majority of practical uses of this (Strings
and primitives) the underlying objects are immutable and modifications to
the property value in one form bean won't be propogated to other form
beans anyway.  But I'll certainly look into this more as I dive in to the
code.  (The placement of the actual logic for this will be updated to
reflect the changes made for 14669, and will be added as a separate

The change for 14669, in particular, is not backwards compatible -- which
is always something that makes me squeamish.  However, the discussions of
this problem on STRUTS-DEV have convinced me that the original design was
in fact flawed, and that this does in fact trip up new Struts users, as
well as making the conversion from old-style ActionForm subclasses to
DynaActionForm more complicated than it should be.  Therefore, I think
it's justified to go ahead and make the changes now.

Comments?  Thoughts?


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