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From "edgar" <>
Subject RE: FW: Struts 1.0.2, Nested 1.0 and Standard Tags 1.0.2
Date Wed, 06 Nov 2002 19:57:26 GMT
I would post on user but this isn't really a question.

My problem is not in the scripting variables because if you looked past
the <%= %> you would see I wasn't using variables but scoped attributes
as you suggest.

The problem is that <c:set> blows up if you include <nested:write> in
the body.  If you know that not to be the case in struts 1.1 with jstl
1.0.2 then I am a happy camper.  I don't have the time right now to test
it (I would have to update to 1.1b, etc).

Thanks again for your help.


> This is why showing the exact code sample is important.  
> Part of your problem is obvious from this code sample.

> The result of the "c:set" tag is not a JSP scripting variable, 
> just a scoped attribute.  That is, you can't reference "myChoiceValue"

> as a scripting variable as you're doing.

> This sort of thing would be easier if you used the Struts-EL library, 
> as you can do something like this:

>  <html-el:options name="${myChoiceValue}" labelName="${myChoiceLabel}"

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