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From Anand Joshi <>
Subject Re: question about tiles:useAttribute
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2002 18:53:30 GMT

hi Cedric,
I took nightly build 1031 and extracted struts.jar from it But
unfortunately it did not solve problem.

Thanks  for your prompt attention!

Anand Joshi
Websphere Development Team
Ph: 919-254-4331 (Tie 444-4331)

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                                               Subject:  Re: question about tiles:useAttribute
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  This is a bug in struts1.1b2 when used with web server doing reuse of
tags. The required behavior of  <tiles:useAttribute name="aName"> is to
use the name as id when id is not provided. This bug has been corrected
in nightly build since 2002/10/7 .
  Can you try with the nightly build to check if it solve your problem ?


Anand Joshi wrote:

>hi All,
>I had used tiles:useAttribute in struts 1.0.2 where tiles was separate. It
>used to work even without attribute id.
>Now in struts 1.1b2 release,I have to give id attribute otherwise tag does
>not work. specifcally it gives nullPointerException.
>ie:  this line <tiles:useAttribute  name="idColumn"
>classname="java.lang.String" /> : cause exception.
>while <tiles:useAttribute  id="idColumn" name="idColumn"
>classname="java.lang.String" /> works fine.
>Taglib reference does not list id as required attribute. So I am confused
>for its usage. I am simply adding id="{same value as name}"
>for all occurances of tiles:useAttribute for porting my webApp to
>Can you explain rationale behind making id as required attribute?
>Any help will  be greatly appreciated.
>Anand Joshi
>Websphere Development Team
>Ph: 919-254-4331 (Tie 444-4331)
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