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From "Jon Harvey" <>
Subject RE: [commons-lang] What's up with NestableRuntimeException?
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 10:34:55 GMT
Hi Folks,

Fair comment by Dave:
> Eddie,
> Why do you consider it bad to extend Object directly?  You also said you
> prefer checked exceptions but I think that's missing the point of
> handling.  A good article is here:
> Not to be obvious but:
> RuntimeExceptions are not "warnings", they indicate a client programmer
> error (ie. misuse of a library method).  Checked exceptions indicate an
> abnormal condition that a method could not handle and require you to catch
> them, as opposed to returning an error code

The best explanation of Exception handling in Java I've come
across is in Josh Bloch's "Effectice Java" book (and honestly
I am not receiving any royalties...;-) )
I have summarised this info so I have a quick ref-card to
stop me doing something silly with my exception handling.

It's attached as an rtf doc - hope it helps...

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