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From "edgar" <>
Subject Basic Issues
Date Fri, 11 Oct 2002 12:07:43 GMT
I have found that the basic functionality of the tag library classes to
be limited (I assume by design) , and I have found myself writing
replacement tags for quite a number of things.  I.E. In order to have a
relatively simple date interface (avoid very complex javascript in every
jsp) the logical place to put such code is in the tag libraries.

Question 1: Am I missing something and is this code is actually being
produced somewhere else?

Question 2: Is there a desire for such code to be included in Struts or
does this bring the user interface too much into the picture?

Question 3: How complex will life be when moving from version to version
of Struts if I continue to 'roll my own'?


Edgar Dollin

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