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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: HTML formatting of newline characters with bean:write tag
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2002 21:41:32 GMT
IMHO, once we opened the door past the filter 
attribute, people would suggest that we start 
adding this or that to the bean write tag as well. 

I would say that any transformations beyond the 
escape filter really belong on some other tag. 

IMHO, a better place for a tag like this is 
Taglibs. This functionality does not involve the 
core framework directly, and the effort may get 
more exposure in taglibs than here. 

Also, IMHO, we should encourage people to look to 
Taglibs for general-purpose tags. Post 1.1, we 
might seriously consider migrating the bean, 
logic, tile, and template packages to Taglibs (if 
they will have them), where it can stand toe-to-
toe with JSTL.

This would let us focus on the HTML tags that 
interact with the framework, and leave the generic 
functionality to the (other) Jakarta community 
that specializes in such things.

But if someone supplies the patch, and a Committer 
applies it, like Craig, I'm +0 on the deal.


10/24/2002 5:12:19 AM, Inge Solvoll 
<> wrote:

>I actually didn't think of creating a tag that 
can be wrapped around the 
>bean:write tag, that's obviously the best 
solution for me. I'll check if 
>there is something like that in Jakarta taglib. I 
believe someone here 
>mentioned a 'replace' tag.
>But, for me this is still an interesting 
question. The web application I'm 
>working on is very big and has a lot of text 
input and output. All of our 
>inputted text should preserve linebreaks. Text 
entered in regular text 
>fields doesn't have linebreaks anyway, and text 
from textareas should have 
>breaks. I see that it isn't too pretty code to 
always insert BR-tags in 
>bean:write, but couldn't this at least be an 
option, like this:
>bean:write name="myBean" property="myProp" 
>where preserveLineFeed would be true by default? 
The tag would then use a 
>method like the breakNewlines(String) method 
suggested below.
>For my web application this would be far more 
elegant than wrapping another 
>custom tag around every single bean:write that 
needs to preserve line 
>breaks. As I said, the need to preserve 
linebreaks is very common in my 
>experience, I rarely want to NOT preserve 
linebreaks... At least for me 
>because most of the text that is outputted is 
text inputted by a user in a 
>textfield or textarea.
>The bean:write tag already has an attribute 
"filter" that escapes 
>HTML-formatting, which in my opinion covers the 
same kind of thing, how the 
>output looks when rendered in html, why is it not 
elegant to do the same 
>thing for linebreaks?
>At 12:02 23.10.2002 -0500, you wrote:
>>There are already taglibs that do this 
transformation, aren't there? 
>>Doesn't the taglibs project have things that 
address this?  Is there a way 
>>to do this using the JSTL (Martin?)?
>>David Graham wrote:
>>>If this is a common problem, maybe we could add 
a method to Action like 
>>>breakNewLines(String) that does this 
transformation.  The <bean:write> 
>>>tag should not do any transformation, just 
display what it's given.
>>>What do you think?
>>Eddie Bush
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