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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: Going to other context and/or server in 1.1
Date Fri, 18 Oct 2002 20:20:11 GMT
Try using a "SuccessAction" that returns a real live ActionForward 

return findForward("success"); 

with something like this 

<forward name="success" path="" contextRelative="true"/>

and see if that gets you out. 

The internal forward= action is already module/context relative. In 1.0, I had been using
forward= inside the 
application and ForwardAction to get out. 

Maybe ForwardAction should always be contextRelative, since it's stated purpose is to let
us interact with other 
servlets, which implies it shouldn't understand modules at all. 

I think there's another ticket in there about ForwardAction bypassing the RequestProcessor.
May be it needs to 
create an ActionForward on the fly and set it to contextRelative=true, and then just return

I think a lot of people may be using ForwardAction when the ActionMapping.forward would be
better suited, and 
maybe we need to clarify the difference. 

I think ForwardAction is for hooking up with other servlets, applications, or domains, and
is for hooking up with other Struts resources in the same module, like JSPs.


10/18/2002 3:02:33 PM, Eddie Bush <> wrote:

>Maybe I'm being thick-headed here, but I cannot succeed in formulating 
>anything that lets me go to, say by way of an action.
>My testing has centered primarily around use of ForwardAction.
>Ted Husted wrote:
>>I guess I'm still missing the point here. 
>>If contextRelative=true, are we not reverting to the Struts 1.0.x behavior?
>>If we didn't need an absolute property in Struts 1.0.x, why do we need one now?
>Eddie Bush
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