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From Arron Bates <>
Subject Re: Nested taglib with EL?
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 05:38:46 GMT
JSTL can let you get through to nested beans, but it hasn't the foggiest 
idea as to how to go about making a nested property structure for the 
input tag so the Struts servlet can process it the way we all love the 
Struts servlet doing its nested bean thang.

Nested tags for now manage this better. But, if people start thinking 
(the way they do) that "this technology is the future and everything 
else is bad"... then the Nested tags will be some kind of a casualty on 
the side of the road of group adoption.

As for the EL, the property property should probably be left alone, but 
EL working on value evaluations and such would be groovy. Looking at how 
Dave's done the struts-el so far, it's just like what I produced for the 
nested tags (using the extension), so it could happen. The evaluation of 
the property property would have to happen before the nested tag works 
out what it's doing in relation to the parent tags. EL on the property 
property would be dicey as it would have to evaluate exactly to the 
nested reference. I don't feel like being tech support for that one. :)

The nested tags will be a solution to a set of problems where at least 
for the moment there is no other answer. Played with recursion/trees 
yet?... :P


Brandon Goodin wrote:

>so you are saying that the nested taglib will be replaced with jstl? I am
>using jstl and i don't see how this functionality will be accomplished. But,
>i am new to jstl. Any examples? Cuz i would be happy to adjust to the
>standard. I love the paradigm of using the formbean as a bean "transport"
>and nesting my biz model beans in it and passing them to the logic layer
>with no tweaking (page/form --> populate formbean --> action: extract beans
>from form pass to logic--> logic operates on bean info --> passes info back
>to action (if needed) --> passes to next view). So far the nested taglib
>provides the means for this and i don't want to break it cuz it's euphoric.
>Brandon Goodin
>Phase Web and Multimedia

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