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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: Faster View Components...
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 16:18:57 GMT
Have you tried using the JSTL?  That's one optimization you could try ...

Look for ... JSTL :-)  You can replace many of the Struts tags with the 
JSTL - and the JSTL can be recognized by the container and optimized. 
 There's also a new contrib taglib by David M. Karr that (I think) 
should soon be available in nightly builds (you can get it out of CVS 
now).  This taglib adds the power of the JSTL EL to the Struts tags 
(they still won't be optimized like the JSTL would though).

Jens Viebig wrote:

>Struts+JSP+Struts Taglibs are sometimes so terrible slow, i think even perl
>would be faster...The Action Classes are as fast as i like it but jsp-Stuff
>is terrible
>I have some complex pages with big tables (logic:iterate) and a lot of
><bean:write> and <html:link> tags.
>Sometimes it takes longer than 10 seconds until the page starts loading
>Should i kick out the taglibs and do some scriptlet stuff ?
>Are there some faster alternatives to jsp to build the view ?
>Jens Viebig

Eddie Bush

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