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From Emmanuel Boudrant <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Exception declaration in forward.include action.
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 20:20:35 GMT

In the Struts 1.1 Actions we can throw Exception in execute(...) method and manage it with
exceptions declaration in struts-config.xml. Great idea !

But if I want check user on every Action by throwing an exception I can't use forward/include

Is it a good idea to add exception support in forward/include action ?

I think the solution is in the RequestProcessor class, the method processForward(...) and
processInclude(...) should throw an Exception (instead of ServletException/IOException). And
the process(...) method, simply manage these exception like the processActionPerform(...)

If the user would manage Exception in forward/include action, the way is to override
RequestProcessor class by adding exception managing by override processForward(...) and


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