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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: RE: Tiles Refactorings for 1.1 compatability
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2002 20:53:48 GMT
If Steve, or anyone else, would like to start putting together a roadmap for Struts 1.1, 1.2,
and 1.2+ (formerly 
1.1+), I'll be happy to post it on the site and maintain it. It doesn't have too be XML, I
can take it off the 
list if that's what it takes.


10/16/2002 4:47:29 PM, "Byrne, Steven" <> wrote:

>I would think that before Ted or anyone can answer the question of
>whether to wait until 1.2, a clear roadmap of near term future releases,
>including features and functionality lists for each release, be
>published.  Right now, saying that it's ok to wait until 1.2 is pretty
>much meaningless without a time estimate based on the amount of content
>going into 1.2 (or even a definition of what 1.2 is).  
>When I talked with Craig a few months back, he was thinking that the
>next release of Struts would be focused on incorporating JSF related
>functionality; I don't know if that's still the case.  If it is, that
>would make for a much more significantly challenging release, and thus
>would extend the time that people would have to wait for a fully working
>tiles/validator version of Struts.
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>> From: Ted Husted []
>> Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 1:34 PM
>> To: Struts Developers List
>> Subject: Re: Tiles Refactorings for 1.1 compatability
>> 10/16/2002 4:03:01 PM, "V. Cekvenich" 
>> <> wrote:
>> >Can you wait till 1.2 Ted?
>> All that I'm saying is that we should support specifying a 
>> list of struts-config files, as we do for the 
>> validator and tiles configs. This way people could split up 
>> the config files without buying into modules. Craig 
>> wanted to pursue modules to support URI-independance, but now 
>> that we done that I think we should support the 
>> obvious solution too.
>> The only other thing I meant to say is that if we're going to 
>> call Tiles 1.1 compliant, it should have the same 
>> contextRelative property we see on the ActionForward. I 
>> didn't mean to say that there should be a gobal Tiles 
>> config or anything like that.
>> In both cases, I'm just saying we should consistently 
>> complete what we started. Beta are for finding oversights 
>> and inconsistencies as well as malfunctions.
>> But if everyone is on board for cutting a quick 1.2 release 
>> to catch issues we are postponing now, I'm willing 
>> to play along (again). 
>> My only concern is that post 1.1, we will also want to talk 
>> about things like servlet 2.3 support. My concern is 
>> that those discussions might become an excuse to postpone 
>> finishing what we (only) started here. But with more 
>> committers on board, perhaps we can afford to work on more 
>> than one code stream now.
>> -Ted.
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