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From Rob Leland <>
Subject Re: Help getting remote CVS set up
Date Sat, 21 Sep 2002 05:14:19 GMT
David cygwin will fo all you need, here is the line I use :

ssh -L 2401:localhost:2401 -l rleland -N
which is in a bat file.

in wincvs:
CVSROOT : rleland@localhost:/home/cvs
authentication: "passwd file" on local host.

I use to use MindTerm until they became a full blown commercial
product, and they stopped offering
a standalone demo app. Using their web based applet is a pain.


Martin Cooper wrote:
>>Now, I could use a little help getting my remote CVS set up.  
>>I'm using Cygwin,
> Yup, it has to do with tunnelling. This link will probably be of some help
> to you, if you haven't already seen it:
> Personally, I use MindTerm to set up the tunnel (and to do command-line
> things on the server). Some other folks use PuTTY.

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