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From "BONNET Francois-Xavier" <>
Subject Browser's cache
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 14:55:26 GMT
Hi everyone,

A good way to improve applications performances is to use browsers caches,
reusing a cached page makes you save a lot of CPU and network traffic.

HTTP protocol is rich enough to let you decide when you want a page to be
recalculated or retreived from cache but Struts does not take advantage of
this : you can only set the parameter "nocache" of ActionServlet to "true"
or "false". I think it would be usefull if Struts could do more.

Has someone already worked on this ?
If not I could work on it

What I would like to add to Struts is being able to set each action's cache
control parameters in struts-config file
I can see 5 types of actions :
1)    Actions that can be cached for a given amount of time -> using HTTP
headers "Expires" and "Max-Age"
2)    Actions than can be cached but need a conditional request, up to the
action to decide if cached version can be reused -> using headers
"Last-Modified" and "E-tag"
3)    Actions that must be refreshed depending of the value of a token. This
could be obtained by extending <html:link> tag to add the token to the URL
so that the URL of the action in calling pages changes.
4)    Actions that must not be cached at all.
5)    Actions that can be cached with no limit

Someone interested ?


Francois-Xavier Bonnet

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