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From "Byrne, Steven" <>
Subject ResponseUtils.filter quoting apostrophes
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2002 23:00:01 GMT
Ok -- I admit it.  I must have been asleep at the wheel.  I had thought
that we had discussed the issue of whether to quote apostrophes or not
in ResponseUtils.filter, and I *thought* we had come to the conclusion
that it was going to be done.  Now I look at 1.1b2 source code and I see
that it hasn't been done.

I would like to understand the reasoning behind not quoting apostrophes,
as it makes this method substantially less useful for quoting arbitrary
content.  I don't understand the argument about not knowing whether it's
a left or right apostrophe; the same argument could be used to avoid
quoting the quotation marks since they can come in left and right
varieties, and the code does not make such a distinction.

To my way of thinking, if the original text had an explicit left or
right "apostrophe" (which not the same character as ' ), which HTML
doesn't recognize as special characters, then those should be passed
through unchanged.  HOWEVER, apostrophe, just like double quote, left
and right angle brackets and ampersand *are* treated specially by HTML
browsers and need to be quoted.

What am I not understanding?


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