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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-struts/web/blank/WEB-INF/src README.txt
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 13:30:46 GMT
husted      2002/08/14 06:30:46

  Added:       web/blank/WEB-INF/src README.txt
  Add README.txt with deployment notes. Revise web.xml to specify application init-param.
Remove obsolete classes/ add blank element to tiles-defs.xml
to please <definitions+> DTD.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-struts/web/blank/WEB-INF/src/README.txt
  Index: README.txt
  Quick-Start FAQ
  What's Struts Blank?
  - It's an "empty" application provided to help you get started on your own project. Just
copy the struts-blank.war to a new WAR file using the name for your application. Place it
in your container's "webapp" folder (or equivalent), and let your container auto-deploy the
application. Edit the skeleton configuration files as needed, restart your container, and
you are on your way! (You can find the file with this message in the
/WEB-INF/src/java/resources folder.)
  Where do I put my own code?
  - The build file is setup so that you can place your own packages anywhere under the WEB-INF/src
  What are the references to /javasoft/lib in the build.xml about?
  - Most Struts applications use some common JAR files. This is one common location for these
on a development computer, but another may be used
  What targets does the build file accept?
  - "clean" to delete the old class, resource, and configuration files. 
  - "compile" to rebuild the Java class files and copy over the resource and configuration
  - "project" to also generate the Javadoc.
  - "dist" to create a binary distribution.
  - "all" for a clean rebuild the project and binary distributions.
  Where are the binary distributions placed?
  - By default, under /projects/lib on your default drive. You can change these through the
"distpath.project" variable in the build file.
  Where's the Application Resources?
  - It's named The original is under WEB-INF/src/java/resources. The
resource bundle is copied under classes during a build.
  Why did the changes to my or other resource file disappear?
  - The original configuration files are under WEB-INF/src/java and copied under classes during
a build. Change the WEB-INF/src/java versions and rebuild before deploying.

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