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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7202] - Add forward attribute to FormTag to allow submision to a global forward
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2002 22:38:12 GMT
>------- Additional Comments From  2002-07-03 22:10 -------
>Maybe, I should take a look at the patch =:0). What I had in mind wouldn't
>bypass the controller. It would look up the path specified by the 
>and use that for the action="" path. This wouldn't be any different 
>that using a
>RTE to do the equivalent of "action='<%= forward.getPath() %>'. So the idea is
>that instead just being able to say "action=${actionMapping.path()}" we'd be
>able to say "forward=${}". In the latter case, 
>the tag would
>use ${actionForward.path} as the target of the form. It's like the difference
>between page= and forward= in the html:link tag, except here its action= and

I think Craig's point is that it's possible to specify a forward 
which bypasses the controller.  It's also possible, as you note, to 
specify a forward which uses the controller.  Perhaps the question is 
wether the system should be more protective vs. more permissive.

I thought Ted's use cases were pretty spot-on, and I very much like 
the flexibility of having a forward attribute to the form tag.  But 
it would also be easy to mark this bug as "LATER" if the focus for 
now should stay on pushing out 1.1b2.


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