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From (David M. Karr)
Subject Re: Status of Struts-EL contrib project
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 02:48:43 GMT
>>>>> "Niall" == Niall Pemberton <> writes:

    Niall> David,
    >> From your original post I assumed you were going to provide "JSTL" style
    Niall> struts tags by incorporating the "EL" functionality of JTSL (I read
    Niall> somewhere it was going to be split out from the JSTL, perhaps to commons)
    Niall> with the main aim being that struts developers could use them now (with
    Niall> Servlet 2.2 / JSP 1.1) and making the migration to JSTL much easier.

    >> From what you say below it seems the intention is to move the struts tags
    Niall> which provide functionality that JSTL doesn't have to work in a compatible
    Niall> way with JSTL.

    Niall> Can you clarify this and are you just using the "EL" of JSTL or will your
    Niall> ammendments need the whole of JSTL and require Servlet 2.3 / JSP 1.2?

Hmm, I was not aiming for a Servlet 2.2 solution, but it's possible that could
happen.  As you suggested, I'm only implementing the Struts tags which provide
functionality not in the JSTL.  I'm implementing them by using the internal EL
engine from the JSTL.  If we were to try to get it work with Servlet 2.2, you
would essentially have to use both sets of Struts tag libraries (and not use
the JSTL tags at all).  You would use this library to get the JSTL
functionality, and the regular library to get the functionality I'm not
porting.  I believe that can work, although I'm not directly testing for that.

David M. Karr          ; Java/J2EE/XML/Unix/C++

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