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Subject Re: RE: FormBeans ... as an Interface.
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 18:38:38 GMT
Thanks for the nice reply.

I wouldn't think of it as Struts dictating the structure of the value object. In practice,
when a user is editing something, the thing almost always corresponds to an object. That's
the way the objects were modeled in the first place -- by doing use-case analysis, etc., *with
the users* to determine their concept of the "things" in their system. So it's no coincidence
that the view is usually a view of a business entity. Having to code a duplicate class that
mirrors the business object seems unnecessary, and I don't think doing the alternative would
be the first step down some slippery slope. 

Your suggestion of having the ActionForm implement some interface is a good one. I'll do that.
I had just hoped to avoid actually implementing a duplicate set of getters and setters in
the ActionForm...

Thanks again for your reply.
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