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From David Winterfeldt <>
Subject Re: Weirdness/possible bug in Validator dependencies
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2002 22:08:47 GMT
I just looked at the code and it looks like I broke
backwards compatibility when I added the methods that
return objects instead of boolean values.  The
validateDate method used to default to true and only
validate the field if it wasn't blank or null.  So if
the field was blank, date validation was skipped but
'true' was returned so an error message wasn't
generated.  Now the method returns null which is being
interpretted as a failure so an error message is being
created.  We might need to remove this functionality
for now and just use the boolean methods at least
until after the Struts 1.1 release.  I'll think if
there are any other ways to do this and keep it
backwards compatible.


--- James Turner <> wrote:
> At 03:57 PM 7/15/2002, David Winterfeldt wrote:
> >The Validator was designed to work this way so
> there
> >could different groupings of validation rules.
> >Because some times it may not make sense to
> continue
> >with certain validations until the form is in a
> >certain state.  The depends attribute in the
> pluggable
> >validator definitions is what controls these
> >groupings.  So to have validation performed on
> >everything at the same time, the depends attribute
> can
> >be either zero length or removed.
> But if I remove the remove depends from the
> validation.xml and
> set up my date of birth rule to say:
>     <field
>       property="dateOfBirth"
>       depends="required,minlength,date">
>       <arg0 key="subscriberForm.dateOfBirth.label"/>
>       <arg1 name="minlength" key="${var:minlength}"
> resource="false"/>
>       <var>
>         <var-name>minlength</var-name>
>         <var-value>10</var-value>
>      </var>
>      </field>
> If I put in a blank entry for it (all other fields
> filled out), I get:
> Date of Birth is not a date.
> Date of Birth is required.
> (I would expect only the "required" message, since
> it comes first in the list.
> If I fill it out with 08/0A, I get:
> Date of Birth is not a date.
> Date of Birth can not be less than 10 characters.
> (I would expect only the "is not a date" message)
> If I fill it out with 08/02/62, I get
> Date of Birth can not be less than 10 characters.
> Which is what I expect.
> I'm going to put it bluntly.  For every "reasonable"
> expectation I could 
> make about how
> validations should work with depends, it does
> something different and 
> incompatible
> with the way people code validations on forms in
> commercial environments 
> dealing
> with end users.
> James
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