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From "Jens Viebig" <>
Subject Bug in RequestUtils ?
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 11:31:51 GMT
When i do a <html:rewrite> apersands (&) between request parameters always
show up as &amp;
For example if i write:
<html:rewrite page='myapp/' paramId='other'

I get ';other=value '
as result.

Links encoded like that, does not work with Netscape, for Example. Netscape
says parameters are 'some' and 'amp;other'. I think &amp; is only a
placeholder to DISPLAY a &-sign on a HTML page, but not to code an URL.

I think it should be:
' '

I think it is a bug in RequestUtils and all lines coded as
should read


Because it seems the Author wanted to have this behaviour I'm a little bit
confused if it's a bug in Struts (or in Netscape?)  or  I'm doing something

Jens Viebig

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