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From "Dimitri Valdin" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Struts 1.0.1-rc1 as Struts 1.0.1
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2002 13:01:01 GMT

> [x] +0  I am in favor of the release, but am unable to help support it

Finally we can get rid of our struts patch, the sole purpose of which was
to work with commons :-)

I am not sure, that it is a real place to propose this extention.
We had to introduce a small patch to ActionServlet in order to configure
aplication dynamically for strutstest - has smth to do with multiple struts configs.
Even if I can set another config file for a strutstest
with setConfigFile("/sub-app/WEB-INF/struts-config.xml"); I cannot force
struts to load a corresponding web.xml file without specifying a classpath
to it. The patch would be to use system property "web.config" to decide
which configuration file should be loaded. Please correct me if I am
too far from reality.

--- D:/Programme/jakarta-struts/src/share/org/apache/struts/action/ Wed
Jan  2 10:02:40 2002
+++ d:/projekte/struts/src/org/apache/struts/action/      Thu Jan  3 12:43:23
@@ -1848,8 +1848,13 @@
             log("Scanning web.xml for controller servlet mapping");
         InputStream input= null;
         try {
+            String sWebConfig = System.getProperty("web.config");
+            if (sWebConfig == null) {
+                sWebConfig = "/WEB-INF/web.xml";
+            }
             input =
-                getServletContext().getResourceAsStream("/WEB-INF/web.xml");
+                getServletContext().getResourceAsStream(sWebConfig);
         } catch (Throwable e) {
             log(internal.getMessage("configWebXml"), e);

Dmitri Valdin


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