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From Oleg V Alexeev <>
Subject Re: Pre Nested Extension Commit...
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2002 18:17:00 GMT
Hello Arron,

Wednesday, January 16, 2002, 4:54:42 PM, you wrote:

AB> First of all, thanks for the votes peoples.

AB> Need to confirm something and ask opinions on another before I scuttle 
AB> the codebase...
AB> (need three +1's or 0's, or some -1's with explanations if you please) ...

AB> 1) The nested system is going into the main source tree (not contrib)?...

AB> 2) The TLD. The nested tags extend the other tags, so this basically 
AB> means a duplication of their library definition.
AB> To date I've just placed all the tags in the one TLD from the others. 
AB> Any overwhelming opinions to separate the descriptor into the separate 
AB> parts as the original library (means we would end up with "nest-html", 
AB> "nest-logic" or whatever).
AB> Keep it as one?...

One point to make it one, because of all nested tags are extends tags
from different taglibs and use its own internal logic, common for all
nested tags. And another point is a little question about adding of
"nested logic" to the existing tags against of new taglib creation.
Can it be done?

AB> 3) The new TLD's docco... To make sure that the new TLD is as current as
AB> it can be, I'll create it again rather than just use my current one. In 
AB> the other TLD's xml files there's a fair amount of docco. My intention 
AB> here is that any tag which is an extension of an original, I will remove 
AB> the docco with an exception of a line to say that "this is an extension 
AB> of [orig tag] tag of [orig tld].tld file". Those tags which are new for 
AB> the extension will have fresh docco. That way it'll keep the size of the 
AB> TLD down (if question two is +1), and save duplication of the docco and 
AB> it's maintenance.
AB> Refer docco for original tags?

I think that it is not good idea to copy/paste existing doc - make a
ref to the existing tag docs.

AB> I think that that's about what I need clarified before I commit this thing.

AB> Ta.
AB> (Ted: )

AB> Arron.

AB> --
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Best regards,

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