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From Oleg V Alexeev <>
Subject Re: bean:write format attribute changes bean:write default behavior
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 13:50:03 GMT
Hello Hal,

You can add to application resources strings with default format
strings for such types as (first string - key for resources, nested
strings is list of datatypes) -
     java.lang.Byte, java.lang.Short, java.lang.Integer,
     java.lang.Long, java.math.BigInteger
     java.lang.Float, java.lang.Double, java.math.BigDecimal

Tuesday, December 04, 2001, 5:07:56 AM, you wrote:

DH> I have some code that uses bean:write and the datetime:format tag from
DH> taglibs project. I use it like this:

DH> <datetime:format pattern="MM/dd/yyyy"><bean:write name="contractinfo"
DH> property="beginDate.time"/></datetime:format>

DH> The bean:write used to print out the number of milliseconds returned by
DH> getBeginDate().getTime().

DH> I got a nightly build and now the bean:write prints the number of
DH> milliseconds with commas which is breaking the datetime:format tag.

DH> Shouldn't the default behavior for bean:write stay the same if I am not
DH> using the format attribute? I just want to let everyone know that the format
DH> attribute as added will break some existing code that is out there. At the
DH> very least it should be added as a potential gotcha to the release notes for
DH> Struts 1.1.

DH> I think the format attribute is a good thing and I wouldn't mind not using
DH> datetime:format because my current technique is painful when the date is
DH> null.

DH> Thanks, Hal

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Best regards,

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