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From Arron Bates <>
Subject Re: Nested tags: radio problem
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2001 22:43:33 GMT
It's already in the system you're using. Just do it!
I made it before I released it the second round. It's the new "property" 
property section of the Package.html

It works off of the tokenizer working off the "/" character, so you can 
have anything in between. I allowed this for the naming convention you 
could use.
eg. (Using my monkey example), if you're in a banana bean, and want to 
go back to levels to the monkey bean, you can use a nice naming 
convention like this... "bunch/monkey/thePropertyIWant" So to read it, 
you know you'll be back at the monkey.
Of you can use the old "../../thePropertyIWant".

They work a treat. My updated examples use them for the drop down box of 
taste's for the banana.
You can also do absolute paths by using the "/" at the front to start at 
the root again.

As for your specific problem... I don't really know what you mean by the 
[something] either. Give the above a bash and hopefully it'll become 
clear. Keeping in mind that if you do the above to a parent tag, all 
it's children will nest on from the parent.

It's all in Package.html. :)


Tom Klaasen (TeleRelay) wrote:

>Hi Arron,
>I wonder if it would be possible/desirable if the nested tags supported
>a "../.." like action (so go up one level again).
>An example:
>I have a collection of bean1's, containing a collection of bean2's.
>I have a form that wants to select a bean2.
>so I do
><nested:iterate id="bean1iter" property="bean1s">
>	<nested:iterate id="bean2iter" property="bean2s">
>		<nested:radio property="../selected_bean2_index"
>value="[something to indicate the current index of bean2iter]/>
>	</nested:iterate>
>Hmm, while writing this down, the "[something ...]" doesn't seem clean
>to me...
>Anyway, any suggestions as how to accomplish this?
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