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From Cedric Dumoulin <>
Subject Re: Future Struts releases
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 14:16:26 GMT

Ted Husted wrote:

> So, now that 1.0.1 is in the queue, we may want to make some decisions
> regarding 1.1.
> ...
> [Tiles,Validator]
> The next question is whether David and Cedric are interested in
> proposing their components to Taglibs or the Commons, or would prefer to
> leave them here. Your call, guys. I believe that you have both indicated
> an interest in broadening the audience for this components, so I say go
> for it. Of course, we would add both to the Users Guide, and may even
> end up requiring the JARs as we do for the Commons components.

I will propose Tiles to taglibs, but, as already said, I would like to let in
Struts an example combining Struts and Tiles. This example will replace actual
  I am in the process of finalizing a new version, with the example.

> [JARs]
> How do people feel about making the rest of the Struts JARs more
> granular? Maybe we should be breaking this up so each package or taglib
> gets its own JAR, so we could have
> struts-action.jar
> struts-actions.jar
> struts-html.jar
> struts-logic.jar
> struts-bean.jar
> struts-template.jar
> struts-upload.jar
> struts-util.jar
> I think the general trend is toward finely-grained JARs. Down the road,
> I could envision people using the struts-action.jar, but not needing any
> (or all of) the taglibs.

  We should find the right boundary between too big or too small jar files ...
If there is too much jar files, people won't remind from where a functionality
comes, or what are jar dependencies. As a result, they will use systematically
all jar files ...


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