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From Alexander Jesse <>
Subject RE: Future Struts releases
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 09:52:36 GMT
just a word of caution...For some obscure political reasons it might be 
possible that people are constrained to use servlet-containers that have 
severe problems with classpath-length. For example under JRun (be it on NT
or on Solaris) the unified struts-jar works, but as soon as the application
adds more than 2 or 3 jar-files of their own...JRun goes bust on the 

Though I must admit, that some finer granular jarring might be nice. Why not
separate struts-base from the the struts-taglib and struts-util?
> [JARs]
> How do people feel about making the rest of the Struts JARs more
> granular? Maybe we should be breaking this up so each package or taglib
> gets its own JAR, so we could have 
> struts-action.jar
> struts-actions.jar
> struts-html.jar
> struts-logic.jar
> struts-bean.jar
> struts-template.jar
> struts-upload.jar
> struts-util.jar
> I think the general trend is toward finely-grained JARs. Down the road,
> I could envision people using the struts-action.jar, but not needing any
> (or all of) the taglibs. 

Wouldn't it be possible to separate the taglibs even more, like splitting
struts up into a) struts-base and b) struts-taglibs as two different 
> [taglibs]
> Personally, I think the existing changes to the tags along probably
> justify a release on their own. Though, we need to add some
> documentation there. Arron's nested taglib looks pretty cool, and I'd
> like to slip that in too. 

Definitely like the idea of more rapide releases...
> Now that Martin's tapped the keg, we might start thinking in terms of
> more rapid releases. 

This kind of "long time" vision sure makes sense
> We might even start taking notes on a Struts 2.0, that might make
> changes that would be a Good Thing, but would break too much of the 1.0
> base. Many of the class names comes to mind ;-) I mean how many things
> can we call "Action" anyway ;-) The 2.0 codebase might also leverage
> filters and other new technologies.

Alexander Jesse

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