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From "Tom Klaasen (TeleRelay)" <>
Subject RE: Hold the Phone!... Nesting Tags (including form items)
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 13:20:00 GMT
>From first view, I like it! (The result, that is).

I'm struggling with this right now, and this mail escaped my attention
until you sent the reminder. But if it does everything right (which I
will start checking now), it seems this would be a relief for many
struts users and a huge step forward for struts itself.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Arron Bates [] 
> Sent: dinsdag 6 november 2001 1:02
> To: Struts Developers List
> Subject: Hold the Phone!... Nesting Tags (including form items)
> Worthy developers (especially those with commit abilities  :),
> Attached is something that I think that a lot of people would find 
> useful, and... too easy to integrate.
>  From what I know (open to debate), there's no way to properly nest 
> beans within beans and be able to use them properly without
> masses of  duplicated Html, unrelenting amounts of bean properties or 
> whatever. Certainly can't nest through more than one iterator tag.
> Consider the following bean composition...
> monkeyTeamAlpha.monkeyWorkers[1].productivity.pickedBunches[1]
> .bananaList[0].flavour
> The example attached has everything needed to manage that structure 
> (change values on beans on all levels) on only one JSP page in a very 
> elegant fashion.
> I've been in one side of this and out the other. Created my 
> own indexed 
> tags (before the nightly build version) and another 
> nested-indexed (tree 
> structure) tag
> system before I realised this, and it was too easy. You guys 
> had already 
> coded it for me (at least the PropertyUtils half). I could get it 
> working in terms of viewing using nothing but struts, but the 
> issue was 
> that it couldn't set against the nested properties as the 
> tags weren't 
> concerned with writing out nested properties. Hence these tags.
> The running example (if you want to confirm it's cool before wasting 
> your time)...
> There's so many was to build on it to bring in even more niceties... 
> plenty of ideas, but that's the step after this one... 
> adoption of the idea.
> It's already past the "absolutely handy" phase and in 
> production on code 
> I have here. It's saved days of development and made the way for 
> solutions that would have been impossible... and allowed some really 
> nice bean composition. Truly has.
> The attached war file is ready for plonking into tomcat with the 
> exception that struts.jar isn't in it's lib directory 
> (figured you guys 
> would handle that).
> Take a look around... I look forward to your comments.
> Arron Bates.
> (theKM*)
> * keyboard's here, the monkey is in the mail

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