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From Arron Bates <>
Subject Re: Extensibility of struts & Property Security
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2001 01:45:39 GMT
  Yes, yes. Point made.
That series of emails makes for some good bedside reading.

I think that the solution that was arrived at is fine for protecting the 
struts system objects themselves.
Is there anything happening to allow the developer to protect their own 
properties from this kind of arbitrary attack?

Thought I had would be to configure a property modifier, or property 
mapping which yields other "security properties" which have to be 
checked before a property is set. ie: getMyProperty() property method 
uses a getMyPropertySecurity() to return a defined value which was set 
while writing the view so you can't just pass the one key value pair to 
change a value, but a two key value pairs with the second value being a 
specific hashing or such. This would stop the casual hacking of any 
property via the URL. You could also then define a security property for 
all things struts within the ActionForm.

The possibility then in extending this would be to define a security 
property to each property to be set, or a more simpler global security 
property for the entire request, and let the developer decide as to how 
fine grained the property setting security should be, if at all.

Just a thought.


Ted Husted wrote:

>"So, someone could also call
>-- Ted Husted, Husted dot Com, Fairport NY USA.
>-- Custom Software ~ Technical Services.
>-- Tel +1 716 737-3463
>Arron Bates wrote:
>>It doesn't even have to be a careful look at the code. It's not complex
>>in the least.
>>I must be missing something with the "String or boolean properties that
>>affect the system state" thing.
>>Do you mean what it is that I do with the example, where I have a string
>>property that represents a submit button that add objects to the tree
>>and another that can delete them?... If it isn't, can I get an example?...
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