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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: [SUBMIT] LookupDispatchAction - how to handle multiple html:submit buttons
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2001 03:35:36 GMT
Erik Hatcher wrote:
> - Any particular reason why the "last one wins" in your loading of the key
> mappings?  Ideally there would not be duplicates, but I prefer the first one
> wins (although I have no strong preference, it just seems friendlier to
> allow the first one for some reason).

Given the use-case and the small number of items involved, it didn't
seem worthwhile to check for duplicates.

> - Why use the response.sendError?  I realize this is done elsewhere in
> Struts, but I much prefer to allow exceptions to climb back up and let
> higher layers deal with them if possible, and having it kick back to the JSP
> page and letting the errorPage directive catch it and forward on would be my
> preference.  Therefore I like throwing a ServletException better.  Any other
> pros/cons to either approach?

The Action is the highest layer, and there is no guarantee that there
will be a JSP with an error directive.

> - Any preference to the position of the "key" parameter on the template
> patternered 'perform' method?  I put mine first, and you switched yours to
> last.  I have no preference, just curious on why the switch.

Just the general idea that extensions add on to the end.

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