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From "Schwartz, Mark" <>
Subject [NEW-USER] WebLogic 5.1 sp9 deployment issue
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2001 15:25:01 GMT
Sorry to send this to the mailing list as I would have expected to see it
covered in a FAQ somewhere.  

I am trying to deploy struts-example.war and am having a problem which
appears to be related to the way WebLogic handles session management.  I got
through the "" issue and can view the startup
page and the login page.  When I try to log in using "user:pass" I am
getting the following error in the logs:

weblogic.servlet.jsp.JspException: (line 16): user is not defined as bean

I have renamed the WebLogic cookie to "JSESSIONID" and I am using cookies to
manage session on my browser (Netscape 6).  The cookie is being set, but the
cookie information is also being appended as a parameter to the "GET"
request URL.  I also tried renaming it to "jsessionid" which was supposed to
work for URL based session management and still no success.  The login
appears to be successful according to the logs, but it just can't get a
reference to the "user" bean I suspect.

I am using all the tricks at: which pertains to
sp8, but I am on sp9 and rapidly moving toward sp10.

Has anyone succesfully solved this problem?

Also, can someone point me to list archives if this has been answered?


Mark C. Schwartz
eTechnology group, eBusiness
MassMutual Financial Group

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