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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: Niall's if/then/else tags and switch/case/default?
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 12:11:58 GMT
It's my personal belief that Struts is best positioned as a lightweight
framework that fills in the gaps between other technologies. If we
continue to work on general-purpose tags here, I believe it sends the
wrong message.

Since we have already moved the bean-utils and digester to the commons,
do we want to propose the Struts-Logic and Struts-Bean libraries to
Jakata Taglibs?

I do not personally feel a need for advanced logic constructs, but have
no qualm with people who do. If we moved the Struts-logic tags to
Jakarta Taglibs, and Niall wanted to work on them there, then everyone
would be happy. 

We would just have to decide what to do about the three tags here that
are Struts reliant: logic:forward, logic:redirect, and bean:struts. The
simplest thing might be to just move them into Struts-HTML.

We might also think about packaging the tags in a separate JAR, so that
there would be a struts.jar and struts-tags.jar. We could then offer a
struts-tags10.jar to people who didn't want to change over to the
Jakarta Taglibs versions right way. This would also give us more
flexibility later as the taglibs undergo more drastic changes when JSPTL
shakes out.

-- Ted Husted, Husted dot Com, Fairport NY USA.
-- Custom Software ~ Technical Services.
-- Tel +1 716 737-3463

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