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From "Gregor Rayman" <>
Subject Re: ActionForms With Dynamic Properties
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2001 16:30:18 GMT
"Jan Sorensen" <> wrote:

> I downloaded the lastest build of Struts to make my changes to the files
> there. I have only changes the classes BeanUtils and PropertyUtils, which
> then realized have been move to the commons project, the reason I also
> this mail to the commons mailing list.
> In addition to the changes, I have also created two new classes which I
> moved to the org.apache.commons.beanutils package.
> In the attached file there is the two changed classes, and the two new
> classes, plus a small demo struts app with three jsp's and a single action
> form (of course with dynamic properties).
> I have create an interface beans with dynamic properties must implement,
> there is one method that returns a DynamicPropertyDescriptor (subclass of
> PropertyDescriptor) given a property name (null if the name isn't a
> property).
> In PropertyUtils I changed the getSimpleProperty and setSimpleProperty
> if the property is dynamic and then call getDynamicProperty or
> setDynamicProperty.
> In BeanUtils i have changed the getPropertyDescriptor to return
> DynamicPropertyDescriptor in case of a dynamic property.
> With these changes is Struts works fine with dynamic properties. I have
> tested with indexed and nested properties, but believe I would work.
> Regards,
> Jan Sorensen
> aragost

I'd like to cooperate with you on improving the bean utils package. I've
changed it to support string keyed properties implemented by Fracois Rey.

Unfortunately, there have been minimal response on the struts mailing list
no response at all in the commons mailing list.


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